4 Stages of Audience Profiling

Global Web Index is a world leader in audience-related market research. They offer a self-serve consumer behavior web service to analysts, marketers, and anyone else interested in consumer trends. 

I recently re-read a white-paper of theirs focused on audience profiling, or if you prefer segmentation and personalization of messaging. Principally, I find it to be illuminating and fairly unassailable. Here’s a breakdown.  

The four stages of audience profiling that matter, according to Global Web Index. 

They are: 

  1. Segmentation
  2. Messaging
  3. Engagement
  4. Measurement

Types of segmentation to consider include: 

  • Demographic,
  • geographic,
  • needs-based,
  • behavioral,
  • perceptions-based,
  • psychographic,
  • interests-based,
  • and attitudinal. 

Mapping the customer journey continues to be a holy grail of modern-day advertising and marketing programs. Attribution modeling, cross-channel/ cross-device supported conversions, and similar elements add to the multiple-touch points guiding customers today. Having an audience segmented is key and table-steaks in getting into this area of greater clarity. Segment to track. Identify to understand.

Messaging matters, questions to help: 

  • Current perceptions of my offer/org/etc?
  • Do customers want something we’re not providing?
  • Are competitors better able to address needs?
  • Can we isolate and bottle/communicate what makes our most ecstatic customers happy?
  • Are we innovating? 


  • Do we have messaging plans and patterns that fit our segmentation models? 
  • Do we need more surveys, opportunities to listen, opportunities to speak? 
  • Is our messaging in line with (a) our value proposition and brand promise?
  • Is our messaging in line with (b) our customers’ (existing and prospective) interests and desires?
  • How are we able to personalize and allow for customization of our products/services with customers? 


Are we setup to measure the things that we want to grow? 

Have we invested (are we willing and capable of investing) what we need to get an accurate read on our (a) audiences, (b) our efforts, and (c) our WIGs. 

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