5 Technology Posts to Jumpstart Your Week

Marketers Look to Integrate Social, E-Mail, and Mobile in 2012 Loyalty, Customer Retention, and Awareness top the list of eMarketer’s most recent study on how top executives value social media interaction in 2012.  “Business executives said they are focusing on building out social media on key channels such as Facebook and Twitter in the coming year: 39% […]

Twitter Introduces Site Redesign, Embeddable Tweets, and Brand Pages

Thursday December 8th, 2011 Twitter introduced a redesign and new user features via the Official Twitter blog, the Twitter developers blog, and the Twitter advertising blog. Read on for a quick look, and discussion on what the changes mean for users, marketers, and Twitter. New design Micro-blogging site Twitter has (recently) introduced a new design […]

4 Studies on Social Media and Branding

Empirical, statistical, reliable, causal, there many phrases to attach to  research that is done for industry and scholarship. I’m attaching definitive, questionable, advertising, digital, pay-per-click, SEO, and social media to the list gathered below. I wanted to share, and dissect a little, of the studies I found in the past week or two. Study #1 […]

Gamestorming, How To Turn Your Next Meeting into a Creative Problem-Solving Getup

Of late I have been reading the book Gamestorming. It is a primer on turning meetings, workshops and the like into ‘brain-storming game-like situations’ where parameters are laid, challenges are given, and creative ideas bubble to the surface for all to enjoy. You can see a preview of the book here: Gamestorming: A playbook for innovators, […]

Working With the Fire In Your Belly

Recently, I’ve been sorting through my mind a status update I thought would go well with this blog entry. It goes something of this sort… “(do you) Figure there is a reason it’s called Work and not Fun. Wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” That sounds rough – it sounds like I think […]

Quick Bits: Thoughts on How We Read Online

I’ve been reading Nicholas Carr‘s book, the Shallows again lately. In it, he takes particular care in laying out study upon study and argument upon argument to promote the idea that the Internet is a very noisy place to attempt reading or learning. Hypermedia, text, and other online distractions Distractions from hypertext, ads, videos, and […]

Borders Bookstore Closes and the Internet Keeps Chipping Away at our Brains

I, like many of you, this week received email notifying me the Borders Bookstore would be closing. And, like many of you, I already knew that the bookstore was set to close it’s remaining 400 or so stores. What I didn’t know was that they would be offering me, and you, a new location to […]

The Design Influenced Business Model

Change-of-pace ideas come from the willingness to push the envelope. Good ideas often come from disrupting the status quo, even challenging the approaches that we have (in our ‘way of thinking’) in business, and all areas of life. Planningness 2011 [slideshare id=8061742&w=260&h=178&sc=no] This slidedeck does some phenomenal things to sharpen my thinking and to get […]

[Book Review] What’s Mine is Yours: the Rise of Collaborative Consumption

In college I read a few things about culture, collaboration and communication, including Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone, as well as work by and work critiquing sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. These works helped influence a lot of scholarship as they shine a light on human interaction and communication among groups. Lately, I’ve been thumbing through a book by Rachel […]

Introducing Scrible: A New Way to Research, Annotate and Bookmark Online Content

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1GKU1AwATc&w=560&h=349] Book author and technology evangelist, Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer) tweeted out this interview with Scrible co-founder and CEO Victor Karkar recently. The service, Scrible provides those interested with the ability to research, annotate, and bookmark web-based content through a browser application, or bookmarklet. The founder believe’s it is a tool that can revolutionize the bookmarking experience. […]