The Design Influenced Business Model

Change-of-pace ideas come from the willingness to push the envelope. Good ideas often come from disrupting the status quo, even challenging the approaches that we have (in our ‘way of thinking’) in business, and all areas of life. Planningness 2011 [slideshare id=8061742&w=260&h=178&sc=no] This slidedeck does some phenomenal things to sharpen my thinking and to get […]

[Book Review] What’s Mine is Yours: the Rise of Collaborative Consumption

In college I read a few things about culture, collaboration and communication, including Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone, as well as work by and work critiquing sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. These works helped influence a lot of scholarship as they shine a light on human interaction and communication among groups. Lately, I’ve been thumbing through a book by Rachel […]

Introducing Scrible: A New Way to Research, Annotate and Bookmark Online Content

[youtube=] Book author and technology evangelist, Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer) tweeted out this interview with Scrible co-founder and CEO Victor Karkar recently. The service, Scrible provides those interested with the ability to research, annotate, and bookmark web-based content through a browser application, or bookmarklet. The founder believe’s it is a tool that can revolutionize the bookmarking experience. […]

Curating Cool: Open Communities, Interactive Design, and Drinking Zeitgeists

Here’s a list of some things I’ve found around the web recently that I figured I’d put the, “okay by me” stamp on. Keep it coming cool world; and thanks for the inspiration. How about a littl’ Breakfast? Breakfast is a Brooklyn based physical-digital, interactive agency that has been heralded as the “#1 Digital Agency,” by social […]

Get the Klout-Twitter Chrome Extension.. Or, should you?

Klout continues to push it’s presence with a Chrome app. The Klout Beta app provides users of the Chrome (or versions thereof i.e. Rock Melt) web browser with an extension that creates an in-twitter stream score for each of a person’s following.   This seems to be one more step in solidifying Klout’s online influence […]

Google Upgrades Social Search with Clearer View of Network Connections

Last week Google officially announced their next round of updates for the Social Search feature of their search engine services. In this latest version, users will now have the option of viewing links and information from those within their network intermingled with the more traditional search results. [youtube=] Google’s YouTube Video on Social Search Update […]

@eMarketer on SMB spend toward Websites, Email and Social Media

A wide swath of small to medium sized businesses focused on their website this years as eMarkter reveals website spending in 2010 is up. Moreover, continued cash flow toward websites (17%), email (15%), and social media (13%) is predicted. Amplify’d from Small Businesses Focus Online Spend on Websites Looking to other low-cost marketing options […]

Steve Rubel on Transmedia Storytelling

The walls have fallen. Content is contextual and we’re living more of our days surrounding by a technologically imbued narrative. Tell the stories that matter will yah? To borrow a phrase … just do it. Amplify’d from The Rise of the Corporate Transmedia Storyteller Nicholas Carr in his book “The Shallows” argues that the […]