Callout Ad Extensions: Beef-Up Your Google Search Ads with this Free Add-On Option

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, continues to generate website traffic creating bottom-line value for businesses across the globe. In fact, Google estimates that for every $1 spent, advertisers – on average – earn $2 (some as high as $8).

Moreover, Google continues to loom large in the digital ad space, even as Facebook increases its share. As eMarketer reported in 2018, Google captured 37.2% of the share of digital ad spend.

Google remains a +37% owner of the space, while Facebook earns just +19%.

One way Google continues to deliver results on digital advertising for businesses is through search network ads.

In addition to the standard features offered to advertisers using Google’s search network, Google Ads provides a free add-on, aka ad extensions.

Ad extensions are – just as they might sound – an extension of the standard ad features.

The complete list of extension types include: Site Link, Callout, Call, Location, Associated Location, Price, Structured Snippet.

How Do Callout Ad Extensions Work?

As you can see below, the callout extension adds another line of text to the search network ad. With this extension you can potentially add 2 to 6 callouts to your ads.

Google Ads Callout Extension Example Ad
An example Search Network Ad with Callout Extension
The extension is the final line, “Free Shipping… etc.”

These extensions are often used to highlight various aspects of your service or product offering, and they can be scheduled to appear only during certain time ranges.

Like all ad extensions utilized properly, callout extensions create benefit by:

  • Increasing the size – and noticeability – of your ads
  • Creating additional value to you the advertiser
  • Making ads more dynamic and appealing to your audience

How Can I Setup Callout Ad Extensions?

To create callout extensions visit the extensions area of the Google Ads campaign interface. You will be guided through setup, and will even have the opportunity to see what the callout extensions look like as they’re added to your ads.

Google Ads ~
Callout Extensions

It’s worth noting that ad extensions won’t always show just because they’ve been setup in your campaign. There are some prerequisites, along with recommendations on campaign setup to help ensure your ads show with extensions.

Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the instructions and best practices provided by Google, if you’re going to be setting up the extensions yourself. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say!

Well, there you have it. A brief guide and introduction to the benefits and the how-to of using callout extensions to beef-up your next ad campaign.

Search network denotes a direct connection with search engine results (though it can include websites in Google’s Content Network, too). Google also offers display, shopping, and app advertising options that are somewhat separate from the search network.

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