Working With the Fire In Your Belly

Recently, I’ve been sorting through my mind a status update I thought would go well with this blog entry. It goes something of this sort… “(do you) Figure there is a reason it’s called Work and not Fun. Wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” That sounds rough – it sounds like I think […]

[Book Review] What’s Mine is Yours: the Rise of Collaborative Consumption

In college I read a few things about culture, collaboration and communication, including Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone, as well as work by and work critiquing sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. These works helped influence a lot of scholarship as they shine a light on human interaction and communication among groups. Lately, I’ve been thumbing through a book by Rachel […]

Google Upgrades Social Search with Clearer View of Network Connections

Last week Google officially announced their next round of updates for the Social Search feature of their search engine services. In this latest version, users will now have the option of viewing links and information from those within their network intermingled with the more traditional search results. [youtube=] Google’s YouTube Video on Social Search Update […]

@eMarketer on SMB spend toward Websites, Email and Social Media

A wide swath of small to medium sized businesses focused on their website this years as eMarkter reveals website spending in 2010 is up. Moreover, continued cash flow toward websites (17%), email (15%), and social media (13%) is predicted. Amplify’d from Small Businesses Focus Online Spend on Websites Looking to other low-cost marketing options […]

Steve Rubel on Transmedia Storytelling

The walls have fallen. Content is contextual and we’re living more of our days surrounding by a technologically imbued narrative. Tell the stories that matter will yah? To borrow a phrase … just do it. Amplify’d from The Rise of the Corporate Transmedia Storyteller Nicholas Carr in his book “The Shallows” argues that the […]

Reading Edelman – Can Someone Help Me Find My Socks?

The brain-trust over at Edelman does it again, does it regularly. Here are some thoughts on the emerging landscape and how traditional business models, and needs fit into the mix. While not all together new, the placement of public relations as a function in the context of the online space is part of a compelling […]

@USAtoday on Neurology, Technology, and Books

Another nice write-up surrounding Carr’s “The Shallows” Amplify’d from Always-on technology Everyone knows that our digital age — from the always-on Web to our bleeping PDAs — is here to stay. But just how detrimental to our powers of concentration is our penchant for ping-ponging around the Web and digesting each new tweet? One […]

Brain and Tech Books

Amplify’d from Clay Shirky, author of the new book (and antipode to Carr’s thesis) Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age. Nicholas Car , The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. Gary Small author with Gigi Vorgan of iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind.Read more at […]

Increase Focus and Productivity with these Online Tools

In February CNN asked, “How Can We Cope with Information Overload?” The point of their article was to comment on the incredible state of information management one needs to perform in today’s environment of RSS feeds, blog posts, and social streams. To combat the pressure of information overload I’ve started this series of posts and […]

Social Magazines: Ready for the Tablet Revolution?

Slates, tablets, whatever you want to call ’em the touch screen tablet is a’ coming. Apple’s iPad will no doubt soon be joined by a number of similar devices.. and social magazines will likely have their day. Ready? Amplify’d from The Next Big Thing for Marketers: Social Magazines The Next Big Thing for Marketers: […]