Discussing Emerging Technologies, Trends, and Tales in the Green Energy and Sustainable Living Spaces

Over the weekend I was able to attend a Green Jobs Forum hosted by the York County Conservation Alliance. The discussion was held at Penn State York and featured a list of qualified speakers. They represented various industries include education, archititure and engineering, and oil and other energy brokers. John Hanger, of the EPA was on hand and spoke first. 

  • Representative Eugene DePasquale – York, PA 95th District
  • Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection John Hanger
  • Director Tom Tuffey of Penn Future for Energy, Enterprise and Environment
  • Director of Special Initatives Kevin Abbey from Penn State – Technical Assistance Program
  • Tom Donley from the York County Chamber of Commerce
  • Shaun Pardi from Envinity Incorporated
  • Dr. James Kraft and Sue Hoffman from York County School of Technology
  • David Hortman from York Technical Institute 

Jane Heller, a York local who I know from Spring Garden County Community meetings. Mrs. Heller is a passionate woman. She is a people’s citizen who does her due diligence in supporting and inspiring others to engage in issues that matter to them.

In the coming weeks I plan to share with you some of the items that were gone over during the forum and possibly include supporting information. For me, there were many new ideas to digest and as I learn more about these things I’ll likely trail down some new avenues. I hope the endeavor will make me, and possibly you in return, more aware.

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