Generation Z – What To Know About the Emerging Generation & Their Views

Kim Patel works at VICE and has done a lot of work to help understand and prepare for Generation Z.

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In her presentation at Digital Summit in Philadelphia, Kim shared the results of months of research VICE Insights has gathered to understand Generation Z. 

The following is a smattering of what she shared. 

  • They are the largest of generations yet.
Charts of Generation totals; 91 Million for Generation Z, 76 Million for Generation Y/ Millennials.
  • They believe success is self-made. 
young woman looking in mirror with text overlay of "#1 Definition of Entrepreneurialism = An Attitude"
  • They believe practical skills, maker skills, opposed to education, will be the / are the differentiator in the path to progress.
98% of Gen Z Believe that the Education System has Failed Them - Collection of Images and Numbers
  • They expect help from brands.
  • They identify by their personalities, their hobbies.
  • They believe in responsible consumption.
young woman in workout clothes facing ocean waves with text mindful about wellness
  • They can be, on a large scale, categorized as experimental and into escapism.

Major themes (views and points of influence) for this generation are to-date: 

  • Wellness 
  • Technology is a tool, not a burden 
  • Appreciate History

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