Google Tag Manager Useful Tips: Pause & Copy Tags

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows users to publish and manage a variety of website tags from one platform.

Tags, Triggers and Variables make up the main features of GTM.

google tag manager default workspace

Tags for websites include code snippets, typically javascript, that is used to track and better understand website interactions with users.

Examples include:

  • User analysis tools (i.e. CrazyEgg, HotJar, Google Optimize)
  • Web analytics tools (i.e. Google Analytics, ComScore Digital Unified Measurement)
  • Ad tracking (LinkedIn Insights, Facebook Pixel, etc.)

Triggers and Variables are used to apply controls and conditions to the tags; such as when to fire or capture on-site user activities.

Tags can be paused and/or copied.

Useful for testing and quick reproduction

This can be helpful as you may experience a time when you don’t want to completely get rid of a tag you’ve created, but you do want to pause it.

Similarly, you may want to copy a tag, for instance to repeat 80% of the tag, but perhaps adjust the tigger condition or the variable on the tag.

How To Pause or Copy Tags

The features to pause or copy tags in GTM are built in.

They’re easy to use and intuitive, but if you haven’t clicked around you might not know where they are located.

You can find the options to pause or copy tags in the 3 circle icon in the tags page section.

google tag manager tag copy and pause options menu

To get there you can…

  1. First navigate from the main workspace area into the tags area by clicking tags on the main menu.
  2. Once there, click or tap on an existing tag.
  3. A site section will slide open and in the top right-hand corner you should see a vertical row of dots.
  4. Choose copy or pause based on your interests and needs.

When you pause a tag the interface will provide you with a visual cue that the tag is paused. You should see a yellow pause button icon in the trigger that fires the tag.

There doesn’t appear to be any limit to how long a tag can be paused; presumably they can be paused indefinitely.

When you copy tags be sure to review the triggers and variables associated with the original version. If you want to change the trigger or a condition within a trigger you will not want to forget to make those changes. With the quickness and ease of copying a tag it is not uncommon to forget to take that step.

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