How I’m Using the Internet Today: or, The Score of Late

One voice a’ rattlin around in my head says, “technology is best when technology gets outta the way.” I like that. Because life isn’t about the tools that help us do better things, life is about doing better things. I believe these tools can help many of us be more efficient with our time and potentially help us do better things.

Prismatic the Social Reader

Prismatic learns from how you interact on social networks so that we can show you the most interesting content and conversation from your friends.” – so says the meta description on the home page. And so it seems. This reader does allow you to sign up with the typical fair – Twitter, Facebook, and – thank you – Google Reader, then it presents to you news in a quite stylish layout.

Giving you a glance at both the article and the friends who might have shared the story, Prismatic provides a semi-social reading experience like few others I’ve seen. For awhile I’ve been getting news from email services including Summify (now Twitter), Percolate and, but Prismatic is reviving my once dedicated partnership Google Reader.

Beyond pulling news from social accounts linked to Prismatic the social reader allows users to insert phrases, or topics of interest. True to the tools branding, users are also given suggestions based on user activity (presumably, stories read, favorited, disliked, etc.). For the money – free, Prismatic provides great functionality, a ‘learning’ reader in a stylish layout and genuine social connectedness. What more could one ask for?

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)

Bookmarking web content has a long and storied history, very little of which do I plan on touching upon today. Suffice to say, I think Pocket is showing a lot of promise, and of late, has been working out well for me. Like some of the other popular services out there Pocket provides users with a bookmarklet to save web pages when surfing.

Pocket also provides cross device synching, so you can get pocket on your phone, tablet and work computer to name a few. The service is available on Apple and Android devices.

Pocket’s layout rivals that of Readability without the money issue. Similarly, Pocket’s app is available in Play for free while Instapaper charges $2.99 for no increase in functionality (user reviews don’t speak very well of Instapaper for Andriod).

I use the bookmarklet to save items and I use my phone often times to rehash and read the pocketed gems I find around the web. Lastly, if you care for another Social Bro has been a Twitter client of late that I am really starting to fall for.

Social Bro – ‘Cause Bros. are Social Too

One of the Social Bro features of I’ve been using is the in-panel Twitter search.

Other key features for me include the ability to segment and quickly edit following and follower groups. I like the anlytics, the data grab, and the overall user experience with Social Bro. One thing I haven’t found – and may not find in Social Bro – is the ability to schedule posts. I don’t use that feature a lot but would like the option.

Anyhow, that does it for me today. These are a few of the ways I’m using the Internet today. If you would like to share how you’re using the net or to comment on anything mentioned – please, feel free to do so. I won’t bite. I don’t currently have any tools that allow me to do that. Thanks for reading! Take care. 😉

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