News of the Week, spotlight on Google and LinkedIn

Lot’s of news this week from LinkedIn, and Google.

First up, Google

ComScore released US Search Engine Rankings this week revealing that Google has actually gained .5% market share (more than any other engine listed). Additionally, Greg Sterling, writing for Search Engine Land, points out Google (is) Still #1 Traffic Source for Most Top 30 Websites.

In Google+ news, The Next Web highlights Complete’s recent report that shows Google+ yielded impressive growth toward the end of 2011.

These points come on the heals of announcements around an updated Google Nav Bar, and the introduction of Chrome Mobile Browser. Google is doing well. The search giant is also rolling out a new TEDx-styled brain trust initiative called  Solve for X.


The tagline on the site suggests it is…

“A forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.”

Next up, LinkedIn

Professional social networking site LinkedIn seems to have a lot to celebrate of late. They had a 20 million member increase during November of 2011. Their end of year revenue hopped 115% in 2011 over 2010 numbers. The network looks to further monetize it’s offering by introducing ads to their mobile app sometime in 2012.

In a company issued press release, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner:

“We believe continued focus on our members and technology infrastructure positions us well for accelerated product innovation in 2012.”

Following that line of thought, All Things D reports that LinkedIn is rumored to have purchased Rapportive, an interesting email add-on.

Rapportive, rumored to have been bought by LinkedIn

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