On the Plane

Sitting  on the plane on my way to sxsw. Flipping between my counter-culture magazine and a book on gaining political and marketing power through effective communication a 7 inch monitor embedded in the back of the seat in front of me 20 inches from my face flashes with the hyper-consumerism my magazine tells me to subvert.

I’m glad for a departure of the norm. It is – at least half true – what they say, that, “the road heals all wounds”. Luckily I’m already getting that “actualized” feeling that often comes with travel and i’m reminded even as i write of the history of travel writers. Their lineage is full with half-baked stories of fantasy too grand for illustration.

Yet, my hope entails the expression of these moments. Moments when the traveler finds something too great to express – something too grand to behold. Yet, there we go, traveling on into depths of self-discovery, into uncharted territories for perhaps the greater good, or even more possibly selfish reasons.

Whatever it is that compels us to travel, i’m content – for the moment – to simply propose my theories about it and document.

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