Photoshop, Presidential Candidates, & Funny web site Gizmodo

I just found the most hilarious thing I am likely to come across today; and I want to share it with you. There’s really not enough humor in this world. 

Following the above link you should get to the photo that launched 1,000 laughs. The photo is of John McCain with an enormous cell phone and a rather charming, smiling look on his face. I hope you enjoy it. It is/was part of a contest issued by one of my new favorite sites: Gizmodo. 

Gizmodo apparently asked its readers to send in photoshoped pictures of the Presidential candidates. Somehow that photo didn’t win?!  

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  1. That’s actually not photoshopped. John McCain’s cell phone has to be that large so he can see the numbers without his glasses. P.S. your dad’s here. He says hi.

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