Search Goes Social as Internet Week NY and TechCrunch Disrupt

Search Gets Social

This month, Google introduced the Knowledge Graph, and Microsoft unveiled the ‘social-sidebar’ equipped New Bing.  The New Bing, as it’s billed, will bring the option of ‘social help’ as users logged into Facebook can get-a-little-help from their friends. Available now for trial, the New Bing is scheduled to become a standard part of a users experience June 1, 2012. Check out The New Bing


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Google’s latest push toward a more flawless search features semantic search, and is something being referred to as the ‘Knowledge Graph’. Identifying nodes of collective aspects for a given topic, Google’s latest search changes intend to provide users with greater context for queries.


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*More Google News – On May 30th, Google announced Google Places would be replaced by a Google+ version of the service. A few articles including, Google Places is Over (from Search Engine Land), and Google Places Gets Plussed (via Ad Week) highlight details of the changes nicely.


Responsive Web Design and

The Dynamic Customer Journey

Website Futures, Responsive Design and The BIG Web Show. Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang continues to talk about the Dynamic Customer Journey. At a lecture given in May, Owyang discussed his presentation, The State and Future of Social Business.  He discussed corporate social integration maturation among companies while laying out 5 stages of corporate website social integration. Noting the evolution of corporate websites, Owyang said:

I assert that corporate websites as we know them will be defunct, instead they will dynamically assemble content on the fly, making every page dynamic based on social data.

I’ve been thinking more about websites lately, which has me considering design, development and similar issues. In particular, I’ve been reading more about responsive design (as a solution for the variety of devices accessing sites today). I’ve also, of late, been listening to an all-things-web podcast, The Big Web Show. I really have enjoyed the show, and recommend it to those interested in web design, websites or web trends.

Smashing Magazine published their book this month. It is a book on web development and design and it’s called Book #3. The spin is that it’s about redesigning the web.  The book notes the disruptive nature that responsive web design has been of late for the web industry. If you’re not familiar, but interested in knowing more about responsive design there is a good article on the subject over at A List ApartResponsive Web Design.

Internet Week NY plus TechCrunch Disrupt

May 14-21 was the 5th Annual Internet Week NY. With Classroom sessions, Partner Stages and, of course, featured guests in IWNY Stage events the annual celebration had much to offer the Internet enthusiast. Many things said, many great panels, all archived and available on livestream.

One memorable takeaway from the Search + Social: A Love Story (Link goes to video on YouTube) panel with Director of Research, Laura Salant and Buddy Media VP of Analytics and Insights, Tami Dalley focused on search intent.

Laura shared some insights uncovered in recent research by the team. Essentially, they segmented search intent into three buckets, claiming 50% of searches are for ‘answer me now’ searches. She went on to suggest that 25% of searches are ‘inspire me’ type searches, and 25% are ‘educate me’ type searches. Ad Rants provides a nice summary of the session here.

TechCrunch Disrupt – This event really wasn’t on my radar, but I have seen a session or two since and found them to be interesting. There is an archive of the coverage available here. David Kirkpatrick, Fred Wilson and a gaggle of  disruptive startups are among the list of interesting elements for consideration there.

As always, interested in your thoughts on these or similar news items. Feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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