South By Southwest Interactive: Will You Be There?

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a world renown conference, trade show, exhibit that features the best and brightest in all things Internet, Music, and Film. More than a cultural barometer for all things hip; SXSW is a ride into the future.

Interactive: The Interactive element of the nearly 2 week event in 2010 carries the tag line: Tomorrow Happens Here (in deedie it does). Last year I was able to attend and purchased a Gold Badge which allowed me to see all of the elements in the Film and Interactive portions of SXSW.

A Context: SXSW takes place in Austin, Tx. (Keep Austin Weird (ya’ll) – they will.) This year’s event is from March 12 through the 21.  A badge to enter all of the Interactive sessions, which include trade show booths, panels by industry experts, new product announcements, keynotes, and pArtIes (not that those matter : D) is but a drop in the bucket for its value. The city becomes a swarm of hipsters and tech geeks, and venture capitalists, and progressive musicians and groupies, film buffs – > and the beauty of it is that you can’t take a step in downtown Austin without bumping into Uber Geeks, Indy musicians, etcetera-etcetera.

The Skinny: $500.00 clams will get you into all of the Interactive Element jazz. That includes Trade Show booths with all the SWAG you can carry, keynote addresses, and more. -That price goes up $50.00 day-of, so order you badge in advance to getting there if possible. The film badge is $450.00; the music badge is $700.00 (it started as a music event; film and interactive have been added, respectively.) To enjoy all 9 days of weirdness you can purchase a Platinum Badge for $1125.

Why Go?: Well if you’re not already a cultural anthropologist and so interested in seeing things progre

ssive and interesting, you might find that the network of interesting and Influential folks there, is worth the time and travel. Last year I met and spoke with Guy Kawasaki, CC Chapman, Chris Brogan, Wayne Sutton, Brain Solis, and Jason Falls to name a few. I absorbed talks from Jeremiah Owyang, Gary Vaynerchuck, economist Chris Anderson, David Meerman Scott. THIS IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG><

I could go on (and on) but I won’t. If this is your gig, it’s your gig and you’re likely already psyched about it. I know I am. Long story short, it’s coming, it’s going to be BIG, and I WANT TO GO!! : )

See you there? Seriously, last year a buddy of mine connected me with a Philadelphia-based web developer via Twitter. We were on the same flight, but had never met. Needless to say, we lunched and chatted things up throughout SXSW. This is the type of thing that happens. This is what makes it so valuable and interesting to go. I have 15+ stories like this from last year; did I tell you I met the guy that pulls strings in ESPN’s marketing dept at a burrito bar?

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