@USAtoday on Neurology, Technology, and Books

Another nice write-up surrounding Carr’s “The Shallows” Amplify’d from www.usatoday.com Always-on technology Everyone knows that our digital age — from the always-on Web to our bleeping PDAs — is here to stay. But just how detrimental to our powers of concentration is our penchant for ping-ponging around the Web and digesting each new tweet? One […]

Will the Machines Love Us?

Gmail – foursquare :: You just unlocked the Super Swarm badge! – chrisdrinkut@gmail.com. Is foursquare’s back-patting automation an indicator of the robo-lives we’ll one day live? Here’s the scenario. You’ve spent a night out at a tech conference in Austin. You didn’t go over board but you did spend some time out. You “Checked In” […]