Creating a Child Theme: WordPress Site Templating Fundamentals

Developing a child theme is a WordPress fundamental worth grasping. If you ever plan to build sites using the CMS, which is a template-driven content management system, knowing how to setup a child theme is useful if not essential. So, what is a child theme? The child theme is basically an extension of the parent […]

Creating Excerpts in WordPress – Tags, Functions, & Notes

WordPress is a beautiful rig. It’s the world’s most popular and relied-upon CMS. Here’s how you can activate, modify, and place excerpts in WordPress. By default WordPress sets excerpts (short previews of a blog or custom post type) to 55 characters. The character limit is a good one that works in most situations. However, it […]

Customize WordPress Admin Dashboard – Reorder Your Menu

Occasionally you might want to reorder the menu that is presented to users in the administrative portion of WordPress. Fear not, with this snippet, you can. I’ve found this information a couple of different ways, but certainly among them is a trip to Stack Exchange. There I found this thread which details things nicely. In […]