The Re-Read List; Articles to Revisit and Review

Here are a few articles I’ve come across recently that I felt offered value enough for reiteration and review.

Workplace Communication

Good communication and positive conflict resolution are what Harvard Business Review essay, How to Collaborate with People You Don’t Like aim to inspire.

In it, the author shares a story of colleagues that have different styles. Further explaining how this had caused one of the co-workers to avoid the other, though the avoid-er knew they needed the collaboration.

What resulted, in essence, is the set of recommendations listed below. Each point is elaborated on in the article. Each offers insight and encouragement in how to work with those who may rub you the wrong way.

  • Reflect on the cause of tension and how you are responding to it.
    • Take an honest look at what is causing the tension and what role you play in creating it.
  • Work harder to understand the other person’s perspective.
    • Make time to think deliberately about the other person’s point of view.
  • Become a problem solver rather than a critic or competitor. 
  • Ask more questions.
    • Put aside your own agenda, ask good questions, and have the patience to truly listen to the other person’s answers.
  • Enhance your awareness of your interpersonal style.
    • It’s easy to chalk up conflicts to poor “chemistry” with another person but everyone has different styles and often being aware of those differences can help. 
  • Ask for help.
    • Asking for help can reboot a difficult relationship because it shows that you value the other person’s intelligence and experience. 

Pew Research, Gen-Z & Life’s Meaningfulness

A recent addition of David Brooks’ opinion column in the New York Times provides a few notes on how many Americans currently define and find meaning in life.

Owing a considerable amount to ‘family’, respondents to the survey questions leave Brooks to question the defining aspects of a ‘meaningful existence’ among differing generations.

Will Gen-Z Save the World? A revolt against boomer morality. — New York Times

Pew Research forum: What Keeps Us Going — Pew Reseach

Where Americans Find Meaning In Life — Pew Research

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