Using Google Ads’ Landing Page Experience

The Google Ads’ advertising platform provides a plethora of data options. The advertiser using Google Ads will be presented with a variety of standard metrics, but there are additional metrics (worthy of your consideration) available. These metrics need to be activated, so to speak, in order to be seen. Here’s when, why, and how to activate the Landing Page Experience metric in Google Ads.

Quick disclaimer: The landing page experience metric is core to a campaign’s success, and yet there are a host of other metrics that can’t be ignored when implementing a search or display campaign’s setup.
  • Campaign purpose and goals
  • Researching historic or industry benchmarks
  • Solid keyword analysis and selection
  • Persona or audience-driven artwork
We need to make sure those are done too.

Landing page experience is one of those metrics that won’t be scored until ad traffic begins to arrive on the page. However, Google Ads does provide a list of points to consider. In fact, there are 5-points that are known influencers of the landing page experience score.

Adhering to the principles listed below are your sure-fire way to ensure (a) users have a good experience, (b) Google scores your landing page highly, and (c) you, thereby, create great efficiency of spend with your campaign.

When you have a well-built campaign, you help ensure that you: rank higher, your ads are shown more often by Google, and that you pay less — because Google Ads knows that your page is well-built, and reliable. So, what are those principles?

  1. Ensure your landing page content is original, useful, and relevant
  2. Include all items necessary to foster trust with those visiting the page
  3. Ensure navigating through the page, process or site is intuitive and fluid for all users
  4. Ensure the webpage loads quickly regardless of wifi connectivity
  5. (Again, because it’s that important) make sure the page is fast and fluid for users

Alright, so enough precursor and ‘why’ of it all. Let’s see the report in action, shall we?

Quick bit of context: This is a relatively newer metric to the Google Ads platform. There are a pair of places where you can find get feedback on a landing page.

First, you can find general scoring for your landing pages in the main menu. This report will provide initial details about your landing page.

You may need to have your Google Analytics linked with your Google Ads account to see the Mobile Speed Score.

Secondly, you can activate the landing page experience column within the keyword report by (1) modifying the column, and (2) navigating to the Quality Score sub-section. There you can select or toggle-on the ability to see landing page experience.

Select “Modify Columns” to start. Landing Page Experience is part of the Quality Score metrics. It includes the metric for all Search, Display, and Video campaigns.
Enable Landing Page Experience within the Quality Score sub-section.

The key is really knowing when and to what degree to apply the information. As stated, there are a host of metrics to keep in mind; however, now that you know more about this metric – you can begin applying your understanding of the landing page experience metric in your evaluation of Google Ads campaigns. 😉

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