Where Do We Go From Here?

As I write this post I write it with many apologies. Apologies mostly for mistakes and shortcomings of my own. But, I write it inherently with apologies for the failures and missteps that have us now grasping for the lever to pull the brakes and put us on the path to environmental betterment. 

Certainly it is questionable whether ‘we’ ever have or ever truly will be fully on the path (I’m not suggesting a good-old-days argument here) but as I look through the pages of a Buckminster Fuller book, and as the words I read from Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded pour over my brain and ignite my spirit, I am motivated to resurrect, recreate, and invent ways for our lives to be more peaceful, insightful, and coordinated with the resources and responsibilities in the biosphere. 
And, perhaps I wax little too flamboyant, but I have this genuine urging that I feel I need to share. Our lives must move in a kinder, gentler, more responsible direction. As more people populate the Earth, as cultures mash and blend, as old-style, renewable resources tip toward zero there isn’t time to lollygag. 

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