Will the Machines Love Us?

Gmail – foursquare :: You just unlocked the Super Swarm badge! – chrisdrinkut@gmail.com.

Is foursquare’s back-patting automation an indicator of the robo-lives we’ll one day live?

Here’s the scenario. You’ve spent a night out at a tech conference in Austin. You didn’t go over board but you did spend some time out. You “Checked In” as you stopped from party to party. And now, you enter your email (Gmail) and find…

Hey there –

Congrats! Your checkin to Speakeasy just unlocked Super Swarm – Know what you call a 50 person swarm at SXSW? The Hilton Lobby. So we upped the ante to 250 and you still nailed it. Well played!

A nice little note reminding you that someone cares. Albeit a pre-programed message, and an automated response – this type of thing could seriously become a mainstay of gps-tracking, online living, digital life.


Just my two cents.

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