Google Fonts: Thick Fonts I’d Like to Use

Oswald is a supremely useful and relied upon font face, trusted for its thick but compact style. Here are a few other bold, black or otherwise thick fonts for consideration.

  • Tillium Web
  • Titan One
  • Kanit (Has 18 styles? Nice!)
  • Alfa Slab One (an alllll time favorite of mine)
  • Corben

Here’s Tillium Web

Here’s Titan One

Here’s Kanit

Here’s Alfa Slab One

Here’s Coren

  • Change One
  • Nueton
  • Alegreya Sans
  • Alegreya
  • Eczar
  • Exo
  • Montserrat

Here’s Changa One

Here’s Neuton

Here’s Alegreya Sans

Here’s Alegreya

Here’s Eczar

Here’s Exo

Here’s Montserrat

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