Google Fonts: Thick Fonts for Your Consideration

Oswald is a supremely useful and relied upon font face (formerly used on this site), trusted for its thick but compact style. Here are a few other bold, black or otherwise thick fonts for review and consideration. Tillium Web Titan One Kanit (Has 18 styles? Nice!) Alfa Slab One (an alllll time favorite of mine)…Read on ☞

Google Fonts: Script Faces with Major Appeal

Here are a few of my favorite Handwriting Google Fonts for consideration and potential use. Montez This is Montez A few other elegant-types include: Tangerine Great Vibes Sacramento Mr De Haviland Ruthie Molle Parisienne Lovers Quarrel Sedgwick Ave Display This is Sedgwick Ave Display Non-or-less cursive, more hand scribbled-types include: Loved by the King Covered…Read on ☞