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ADA Website Compliance

Web Accessibility & Compliance Basics

Web accessibility is a principle based approached to web development that asserts that websites can and should be made for all users.

ADA Website Compliance is an emerging set of standards that helps define and guide website design and development to ensure inclusivity. The golden standard in website compliance is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The current version of these guidelines is the 2.1 version, as of September 2019.

The WCAG is issued by and established by the W3C, which is a world-wide agency that governs language and standards of the web. There are 4 main categories, and a total of 91 points of adherance within the WCAG. See the complete set of guidelines and supporting information below.

  1. Complete WCAG 2.1
  2. Techniques for WCAG 2.1
  3. Understanding WCAG 2.1